SEO Houston Equals Cash

You have a great website.  At least you think its great.  You type in the keywords associated with your company into the search engine, click go, and what, your not coming up on page one.  You click over to page two .. your not there.  Where the hell are you?  Why is your page not coming up so people can see how great you are, maybe call you?  You spent like $3,500 on your website, why is it not coming up?

Optimization and SEO Houston Equals Cash is the title of this post.  What I mean by this is simple.  Most studies that have been performed prove that around 35% to 42% of people searching for a keyword will click on position one, page one results from a search.  If 1000 people are searching and your product sells for $500 dollars, at least 350 people are going to see your website.  If it is good, and say 20% of those people actually pick up the phone call you, and your good enough to close the sale; 70 people will buy your widget, and you will gross $35,000 dollars. So, optimization equals cash, agreed? Are you ok with word problems? If not none of this will help you!

Here is a little secret.

Your website guy and or your IT guy knows very little about search engine optimization and what it takes to provide the search engines with the proper information to find you, much less present your page on position one page one of the SERP’s (search engine results pages).  They just don’t.

SEO has become somewhat of a bad word.

SEO has become somewhat of a bad word.  Most everyone has heard from some company in India or the Philippines in an email that claims they can get you positioned on page one of google for $300 dollars per month.   Or local directory companies say they can get you traffic to your site or telephone calls if you just give them $500 a month.  But you know that you have personally paid the money faithfully and never gotten anything near what they have promised you.  Right?  What makes you think that you can pay someone less than McDonalds employee to drive $35,000 a month in traffic to your website?

Just do a couple of things for me.  Humor me.  Pull up your website in a browser.  For this example I just did a search for Joes Restaurant.  Clicked on Page 6 of the Google results, and randomly clicked on Joe’s Pizza and Italian Restaurant.  I am using Safari, but you can use any browser you want.

Click on Develop, and then, Show Page Source.  In other browsers it may be view source code or whatever, just take a quick look at the source code.  Hit Command F, to get the find function, and do a search for description by typing “desc” in the search field.

As you can see in the image below, there is no description tag on the website home page.  In other words, there is nothing describing the page to Google so that it can make a decision to place in on page one since the website developer simply did not put it in the page.  It is called a Meta Description tag.  This is the first mistake the programmer made.  I can literally go to most any site that is not in the top 40 sites and this and many other super simple things were just not done by the website designer.  There are many more I will go over in future posts.

If you are interested in having someone look at your website and show you how to “fix” it and start making you cash from your site, contact me here:  https://cyberfix.com

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