Is Your Website “Mobile Friendly”?
How does it look on an iPhone, iPad, iPad mini?

If your on a computer, click on the right margin of your browser window and drag it to the left as far as you can, squeezing the window to the left.  What happens to your website? Does it “crop” away of the right hand side of the website so you have to scroll across to see it?  Is the type so small that you have to use a magnifying glass to read it? Well my friend, that is how people are having to consume information about your company on their  cell phones, iPads, and portable mobile devices if you site is not “responsive”.

Take a look at this website on your cell phone.  How does it look? With 74% of people now searching for your business on mobile devices, its time to get your site “fixed”.  Call me and I will show you how to fix this problem on your web site and make sure you have responsive websites.

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