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Domain Renewals BEWARE

Domain Renewals BEWARE Every year, if you pay for your domain name yearly, you need to renew your domain name. It is fairly inexpensive, around $10 to $12 dollars unless you use a company that preys on their customer base, and relies on the fact that these customers...

Clean Talk Spam Killer

Clean Talk Spam Killer I was having serious issues with spam on several of my sites.  I talked with my hosting company and we made sure the SPF records were set properly, along with DKIM and also checked the reverse DNS.  I had them install and set up DMARK on my...

How to get a link to the “Google Reviews”.

How to get a link directly to the “Google Reviews” for your site on Google My Business. Wouldn’t it be nice to be able to send a link to a recent customer who was happy with your services that went directly to the review page.  Nothing in between, not the maps page,...

SEO Houston Equals Cash

SEO Houston Equals Cash

SEO Houston Equals Cash You have a great website.  At least you think its great.  You type in the keywords associated with your company into the search engine, click go, and what, your not coming up on page one.  You click over to page two .. your not there.  Where...


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