Clean Talk Spam Killer

I was having serious issues with spam on several of my sites.  I talked with my hosting company and we made sure the SPF records were set properly, along with DKIM and also checked the reverse DNS.  I had them install and set up DMARK on my sites as well, and nothing stopped these suckers from spoofing my domains.  I installed Clean. Talk, and I looked at my email and had like 10 emails right up until the install.  Immediately it caught two and I have not seen any since.  Amazing!  Great software and it just works!

Spam Killer

Take a look here.  You will see massive spam right up till I installed the Clean Talk…  It is magic.  Get your copy here

The install was Sunday night on February 9, 2020, and it is now 10:00 on Monday.  I would usually have another 10 emails or so from the same spammer… Gone!

I also installed it on two other sites and their spam is GONE GONE GONE!

Clean Talk Results

Clean Talk Results