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Cyberfix Online is a Professional, Expert SEO in Houston Texas providing Search Engine Optimization, Internet Marketing & Page optimized Responsive Websites for the Houston SEO and National SEO marketplace.


Welcome, Brad Kellam here.

My firm’s Search Engine Marketing and Search Engine Optimization has led you here to this video. There could be many reasons you have landed here searching for Search Engine Optimization. It could be that you just know that your website needs to have a better ranking on Google to generate organic traffic.

Maybe your site needs to be producing more revenue. Or your looking to attract a better client or maybe just more leverage in your market. Were going to show you how we have been able to change many, many, businesses online presence using a rinse and repeat process that has made us revenue generating experts online. From small business owners to CEO’s local mom and pop shops to fotune 500 companies.

We are continuing to lead a trail of success wherever we go.

Find out what we can do for your business right after this.

Hiring a company to do search engine optimization (SEO) for your company’s website is one of the smartest things you can do for your business ROI, but it can also be a difficult process to find “the right one” to work with.

Having your website ranked high enough in the SERPS (
search engine results pages) to generate organic traffic is 75% of the problem solved, but the real magic comes in that last 25%.

More website traffic, in many cases, does not equal more revenue if you have the missing parts that enable successful websites to flourish online. Most if not all of these missing parts are overlooked on the majority of websites, even many that are on page one in the SERPS.

It really comes to this, does your website have an inviting page structure? Does it have “great” written sales copy on page, or is there a problem going on off-line, with sales conversion or an under trained sales staff, or is it the lack of a great off-line sales script?

Over the last five years we've been successful in identifying the weak spots in many, many businesses, and have strengthned them to insure that all the parts are working together, fluidly, to achieve maximum revenue.

We've never been just an SEO company, we have been more of a Search Engine Marketing firm.
For your own peace of mind, I’d like to offer you a “short list” of things to consider before hiring anyone to do search engine optimization for your business website, because search engine optimization is worthless, unless it is bringing in new revenue to your business, or getting you a return on your investment.

So here it is My SEO buyers guide.

Number one, lookout for cookie cutter  SEO pricing.

That's anyone using very low prices like $499 or $599 a month, or blanket prices. These companies just don't understand business and the very fact that you must know very well; there are no two businesses that are alike, and each business has its own set of financial goals it would like to achieve.

A local business trying to capture a local Metropolitan market should never be charged as much as a national company going after a Global market. Stop and think about it. There's absolutely no way that you should believe that someone could earn your online business an extra $20,000-$1 million a month in additional revenue, by charging $125 a week.

That's actually less than what a part-time McDonald's employee would earn.

And on to number two.
Make sure they've had success in ranking difficult revenue producing keywords. In the area that you live in, it's difficult to determine who the best barber is, or the best insurance agent, because everyone has their own opinion.

Perhaps the greatest part of search engine optimization is that Google actually tells us who the best firms are based on the SERPs. If you notice in the example that I have you'll notice that if you type in your for instance Honolulu Yacht Charters, you will see #1 Position int the 7 Pac is Waikiki Yacht Charters. The #2 Position for organic SEO is also Waikiki Yacht Charters. (One of my clients). Or type in Accept Credit Cards Houston and you will see, the number two position is also a TroutPays video, another one of my clients. Type in Fiberglass sump liners (National Listing) and the number one and two slots are filled with Wilson Environmental, another client, so I think you get the point. Every SEO company fights tooth and nail to make sure that they get their clients on this SERP for maximum revenue and ROI for their clients.

If your SEO cannot show listings on page 1, you have to ask yourself if they're losing this battle, what makes you think they're going to get in the trenches and win one for you and provide multiple SERP listings in any metropolitan or national arena with very difficult revenue producing keywords, and thereby dominate your competition.

On to number three.

Just because someone works around computers does not mean that they know anything about search engine optimization. Don’t make the often made mistake of thinking that someone that develops websites, or is an IT guy that works on computers, or is in the software development space knows
anything about SEO. 99% of them do not have a clue.

I've talked to many CEOs and business owners, and told them exactly the formula of what they need to do to get their website turned around and how to rank in the SERPS. Specifically how, to position their site so that they would perform with SEO, and they almost always seem to want to take the information back to their web development team or their IT department for implementation. What they don't get, is that the web developers think always about their job security, and they don't want to let management know that they have no clue how to do this very specific function. Think about it, if they had a clue, then they would already have your website positioned in there SERPS, so that you could gain all of the traffic that you could use. Web designing is a great talent but a pretty looking website is not going to bring you traffic or revenue. Just type in a keyword associated with your business niche and see which pages come up on page one of the results. The proof is in the pudding. Most will tell you to type in the website address or your company name. Unless you are Coke, Google, etc this is not what your customers are using to type in the search engines to find your business.

Web designers are no more than architects. Just because someone builds the hospital doesn't necessarily means it's the same person you want doing surgery on patients. Almost all website recent development has come down to pushbutton installation, then customization. So, ask yourself a question. Does that qualify them as being SEO’s and revenue generating experts?

On to number four.

Make sure that search engine optimization and or the Internet marketing arm of the company you are talking with, is there full time profession. There's absolutely no regulation on who can do work on your website or business. Many of these people have full time professions and they are trying to supplement their income by performing SEO. They bought some $49 course in a box and they think it makes them an expert, or they read one too many fortune and success magazine articles. Anyone that has the ability to turn your business around and help you make another $10,000 to $50,000 a month in revenue is a specialist who has put many thousands of hours in this field. This is a very lucrative business, however definitely not one that is going to be done part time.

Last but not least, Number five.

Make sure that your search engine optimization work is not being outsourced to a third-party. There are many great sales people out there that know nothing personally and professionally about SEO. Make sure that they or actual employee of their company is going to be doing the search engine optimization on your business website. 64% of all search optimization firms outsource their work to third parties. If something happens to your website via a new update from one of the major search engines ranking algorithms, or god forbid the outsourcer moves on to some other get rich scheme and leaves him in the dust, make sure you are not subject to this risk. I know this because I'm on speed dial with about 11 SEO firms across the nation that pass along their most difficult cases to me to solve and I charge them the exact amount I would charge a customer and then they simply double that amount and pass that along to their customers. It's always good to know who's doing work on your website.

And that about wraps it up. I hope you're able to benefit by going through the most important steps of hiring a person to do search engine optimization to your website. If you'd like to find out more about our simple, efficient, yet brutally effective search engine marketing formulas that transform businesses, first you'll need to fill out an application on our discovery page.

Don't worry, it's simple and un-intrusive. We just want to know what you're selling get an idea of what you want to accomplish and so forth. We will then painstakingly review your goals your offers, and you current website structure, and then deliver to you, a custom plan, to grow your revenues based on the exact same process that's generating millions for our clients right.

Your initial phone call will be between 45 and 60 minutes, don't worry our call is not going to be outsourced to salesforce somewhere, only one person in my organization is qualified to help you and that's myself. On this phone call you will be pressured or Hassled or asked for your firstborn. There's not going to be the bait and switch when you're trying to ward off some aggressive sales person who will never leave you alone during the call.

I am going to help you create the perfect sales angles online and we are going to craft the ultimate lead magnet and hone your main pitch so it's a cash cow working for you 24-7. Were then going to map out taking your Business to page 1 of Google where were going generate traffic and revenue for you. Then we're going to map out your up-sell’s, the cross cells, back end product sequences, and create a powerful follow up where were going to turn these leads into repeat customers.

There is no other search engines optimization firm that can provide this for you. As you could've guessed, this opportunity is extremely limited because of the intense one on one time needed in order to provide you with maximum results, therefore it's physically impossible for me to work with more than a handful of people at any given time.

You should also realize there is a very large demand for personal, do it for me time, and help from our company. What we're offering you is unprecedented. With that said the window is open, but won't be open for very long. If you feel like this is right for you, and would like to see your business flourish online and have a dramatic change, then click on the button below leave your application on our discovery page and let's talk.

I look forward to talking to you on the other side. This is Brad Kellam, lets talk again soon.

The first rule of any technology used in a business is that automation will magnify the efficiency. The second is that automation applied to an inefficient operation will magnify the inefficiency.
-Bill Gates

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